Advantages of education in Northern Cyprus

There are many articles on the Internet about teaching children abroad, but as always, you want to rely on reliable sources, as the future and fate of Your child is being decided. We will describe everything we know here, based on our own experience.

So, as for the summer language programs in Northern Cyprus during the holidays. There are a number of advantages:

  • low crime rate
  • an island with a warm Mediterranean climate
  • sparsely populated area
  • friendly attitude to foreigners (almost every third person in the country is a student)

As for the programs themselves, there is a great opportunity to get:

  • the recovery of the child
  • the study and practice of the English language
  • making new friends from different countries
  • opportunity to learn a new country and culture
  • enjoy entertainment programs
  • the possibility of making a decision about studying at universities in Northern Cyprus

For parents who want their child to become a University student or College student, it is necessary to take a more careful approach to this issue. Today it is considered prestigious to get an education abroad and this is true, but be prepared for a complete change in your child's life and adaptation to other conditions. Very often children are faced with the problem of not knowing the language in a new country, so try to learn the language in advance (in Northern Cyprus, the main language is Turkish, but all universities and private colleges teach in English). If your child is sociable and easily establishes contact among their peers, then there will be no problems, and it will take 4 to 6 months to learn English, because they are among native speakers. At first, prepare for a change of mood, so communicate more often and maintain your child's morale. As a rule, it takes a year to adapt.

Colleges in Northern Cyprus have their own rules: school uniforms, discipline, mobile phone is forbidden to use. Classes start at 8: 00 and last until 15: 30. American or English education system. One-time meals are provided. After school, children can choose additional sections (dancing, gymnastics, drawing, football, tennis, basketball, and others). Children take tests every semester. Holidays 2 times a year: in winter and in summer.

The universities of Northern Cyprus offer various bachelor's, master's and postgraduate programs. Training is conducted in English. A student can go to summer language courses and see how to study abroad, and at the same time get acquainted with Cyprus. We also offer a study tour of universities for parents and students. Experience has shown that such a tour is an effective help in making a decision about getting an education abroad. Parents should make sure that their child learns in a safe and relaxed environment.

Studying abroad always brings a lot of impressions: the experience of studying according to other standards, learning a new language, new friends from different countries of the world. The student becomes independent, makes responsible decisions for their actions.

For our part, we are constantly located in Cyprus, which makes it possible to provide timely assistance and support in many issues. This approach, as experience shows, is very convenient for parents and students who continue to keep in touch with us and know that their child will not be left without proper timely support if they need it.

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