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Life in Northern Cyprus in detail

It is quite easy to get a residence permit in Northern Cyprus

07.12.2020|Categories: О Кипре|Tags: , , |

Residence permit of Northern Cyprus Golden sandy beaches, turquoise sea stretching into the distance, rocky mountains, ancient castles and monasteries, modern architecture, skillfully integrated into the natural landscape.   Excellent ecology, hospitable people of Turkish Cypriots. The locals have a legend. When God distributed to the nations [...]

Inheritance rights to real estate in the TRNC

07.11.2020|Categories: О Кипре|Tags: , , |

Hereditary rights Hereditary rights. This question is often asked by foreigners when they want to purchase real estate. Many people think that in case of death, the property will become the property of the government of Northern Cyprus. We will answer this question unequivocally.  Of course not. If you don't [...]

Фамагуста — древний город Кипра с интересной историей

29.10.2020|Categories: О Кипре|Tags: , , |

So what is interesting about the city of Famagusta? The city of Famagusta was originally a small trading port and a fishing village. The name of the city is Gazimagusa in Turkish, Ammohostos in Greek. The name Famagusta is a Frankish corruption of the Greek name. It is located on the east coast [...]

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