Historical tour to Cyprus

What is interesting about Cyprus in history

— it was there that the disciples of christ went after his resurrection to preach in the new lands. these were the apostles barnabas and paul.

- Church monuments-temples, churches and chapels, frescoes and mosaics that have come down to our days, told a lot about the formation of Cyprus as a Christian state.

- An opportunity to see ancient Christian monasteries and churches live. Find out their history.

We are going with you to Cyprus, or rather to Northern Cyprus. This place is the pearl of the Mediterranean — golden sandy beaches, turquoise sea stretching into the distance, rocky mountains, ancient castles and monasteries, modern architecture, skillfully integrated into the natural landscape.


Visiting the following places

  • monastery of St. Barnabas;

  • monastery of St. Andrew the first-called;

  • Bellapais Abbey;

  • ancient basilica of the city of soli;
  • the mysterious cave of the monk phanorius;
  • the monastery of great Martyr Pontellina;
  • monastery of St. Mamas
  • the Church of St. firs;
  • the Church of Saint philon;
  • St. Spyridon's Church Of trimythous.

Northern Cyprus

Beautiful ecology, hospitable and proud narods-Turkish Cypriots. Local residents have a legend. When God gave the peoples and tribes that inhabit the land the inheritance, he forgot about the Cypriots, and to calm them down, gave a corner of the land that he had prepared for himself. Currently, Northern Cyprus is unfair one of the most underrated tourist destinations. And for good reason. here we will follow in the footsteps of english King Richard the Lionhearte. Visit the monastery Apostle Andrew and the grave the apostle Barnabas, one of the 70 apostles of Christ (except the twelve).

Let's take a selfie with wild donkeys. Visit ancient city of Famagusta and incredibly beautiful the city of Kyrenia. Visit the house of one of the most dangerous criminals of the 20th century, a gun Baron and mafia leader. You will see ruins of an ancient armenian monastery, whose history begins in the XI century. An incredibly beautiful lake and the largest wild beach. If you like to travel, consider yourself an Explorer, then we are very willing to go this way with You!

The tour program is designed for 7 days

Day 1. Meeting at the airport. Check-in at a 3-star hotel. Rest

Day 2. Breakfast. A trip to the Karpaz (the tip of the island). On the way, visit the wild beach, the monastery of St. Andrew, the monastery of St. Firs. Lunch. Return to the hotel.

Day 3. Breakfast. Visit the national Park of olive trees, the house-Museum of the gun Baron. Lunch. Visit an incredibly beautiful lake and the ruins of an ancient monastery. Return to the hotel.

Day 4. Breakfast. Drive to the ancient city of Salamis and the monastery of St. Barnabas. Lunch. Visit to the ancient city of Famagusta. Return to the hotel.

Day 5. Breakfast. Visit to the ancient Illarion castle in Kyrenia. Lunch. Return to the hotel.

Day 6. Breakfast. Visit to the ancient Fig cave. Visit To Varosha. Return to the hotel.

Day 7. Breakfast. Preparation for departure.

Tour price for 1 person 7 days 6 nights
The tour price includes:

  1. transfer from the airport and back.
  2. Accommodation in a 3-star hotel. Two meals.
  3. Excursions.
  4. Insurance.

To apply, fill out the form below. Our manager will contact you and tell you more about the conditions.

The collection of applications is carried out in this way: we collect a group from 4 to 8 peopleas soon as the group is assembled, we will notify all participants of the tour of the date.

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