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Новости Северного Кипра | Elysium2022-03-02T20:01:20+03:00

North Cyprus News

About 5,000 people have been vaccinated in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

20.01.2021|Categories: Новости|Tags: , , |

The Ministry of Health reported that about 5,000 people have already been vaccinated against Covid-19 in the TRNC. First of all, medical workers in public and private hospitals, medical students, laboratory staff, pharmacists and veterinarians were vaccinated. The exchange rate at 20.01.21 USD 7.430 [...]

Curfew in Northern Cyprus on New Year's Eve

31.12.2020|Categories: Новости|Tags: , , |

A curfew was introduced in the TRNC on New Year's Eve. According to the decision of the Supreme Committee on Infectious Diseases, from 22.00 on 31.12.2020 to 05.00 on 01.01.2021 it is forbidden to be on the street. The exceptions are medical workers and police officers.Exchange rate as of 31.12.20USD 7.440EUR 9.140GBP 10.450 [...]

TRNC citizenship will become much easier to obtain

20.12.2020|Categories: Новости|Tags: , , , |

In the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, changes are coming in the ways of obtaining citizenship. The chairman of the Renaissance Party, Dr. Arykly, said that his main priority is to amend the law on citizenship. Citizenship should be given through an automated system. We understand that foreign citizens, [...]

The vaccine from Covid 19 will arrive after December 11

10.12.2020|Categories: Новости|Tags: , , |

The Minister of Health of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus announced that the vaccine against Covid-19 will arrive in the country approximately after December 11. Deliveries will be from Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus. At the moment, the necessary amount of vaccine produced in China is being calculated. Approximate volume 400 [...]

The TRNC Gunsel B9 electric car is presented at an exhibition in Istanbul

26.11.2020|Categories: Новости|Tags: , , |

Электромобиль, производства Турецкой Республики Северного Кипра был выставлен на автомобильной выставки в Стамбуле. Прототип модели Gunsel B9,в мастерской Ближне-Восточного университета профессора Ирфана Гюнзеля. Forbes назвал его вторым самым богатым человеком на Кипре и 1140 в мире. Чистый капитал его составляет [...]

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