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The history of Cyprus — how it all began

A Brief History of Cyprus Independence (1960 - 1974)

02.11.2020|Categories: История Кипра|Tags: , , |

The Zurich Treaty granted Cyprus independence, while protecting the rights of the Turkish Cypriot population. The guarantors of this agreement were the United Kingdom, Greece and Turkey. The president had to be from a Greek, and the vice-president - from the Turkish community, each of whom had the right to [...]

Brief History of Cyprus Venetian Period (1489 - 1571)

31.10.2020|Categories: История Кипра|Tags: , , |

Again, the construction of the Venetian desire to own Cyprus was caused solely by profit. The Venetians saw Cyprus primarily as a military base. Anticipating the conflict, they undertook an ambitious plan to strengthen. Famagusta and Nicosia were surrounded by massive earthen ramparts lined with stone. Around the Cyrenian Castle [...]

A Brief History of Cyprus The Louisiana Period (1192 - 1489)

31.10.2020|Categories: История Кипра|Tags: , , |

Guy Lusignan Guy Lusignan introduced a feudal system, granting estates to the barons who accompanied him from Palestine. Constitutional and legal issues were resolved by the assizes of Jerusalem, a code adopted in the former kingdom, but local laws and customs were preserved. Two years later, in 1194 [...]

Brief History of Cyprus Byzantine Period (330 - 1191)

31.10.2020|Categories: История Кипра|Tags: , , |

With the foundation of Constantinople, as the Roman capital in the East, there was a synthesis of Roman civic thought, Greek philosophy and Eastern Christian religion. Salamis, which resumed its role as the capital, was rebuilt by Constantius 11 (337-361) and renamed Constantia. Prophetic dreams? Since the adoption of [...]

A brief history of Cyprus from the Hellenistic period

30.10.2020|Categories: История Кипра|Tags: , |

Hellenism - a period in the history of the Mediterranean Hellenism is a period in the history of the Mediterranean, primarily the Eastern one, which lasted from the time of the death of Alexander the Great (323 BC) to the final establishment of Roman rule in these territories, which usually dates back to the fall of Hellenistic Egypt. In 333 [...]

A brief history of Cyprus to 325 BC

30.10.2020|Categories: История Кипра|Tags: , |

Let's plunge into the distant past of this island of Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, located on the border of the Eastern and Western worlds. The island has always attracted the attention of more powerful external forces. For centuries, the island was ruled by Assyrians, Phoenicians, Persians, [...]

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