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Vladimir, Russia, Chelyabinsk

If you have decided to buy real estate abroad, it is extremely important to find a reliable agency and people who will help with choosing the best option for you personally, as well as contribute to solving all related issues. My family was lucky in this. When searching for agents in search engines, we got acquainted with the Elysium website, whose team already had extensive experience in making successful and secure transactions between buyers and developers of Northern Cyprus. After reviewing the information available on the website, which is in abundance, we flew to Northern Cyprus. A real estate agent met us at the airport, delivered us and placed us in a cozy apartment, and the very next day our family went to inspect various apartment options. We were pleasantly surprised by the attentiveness and care of the staff, who took into account all our wishes. It was not easy to make a choice, since all the offers from the set were almost perfect for us, but we still found the best option already on the 3-1 day of the real estate tour. The execution of the transaction took quite a little time, during, and we did not even have time to realize that we had become happy owners of real estate by the sea. Since our family still has a lot of unfinished business in Russia, it is not yet possible to spend a lot of time in Northern Cyprus, but in the coming months we plan to finally move to this paradise. We would like to express our great gratitude to the entire team of Elysium (site ) for the professionalism and care for our safe relocation to Northern Cyprus. And we wish you many more successful deals!

Oksana, Kazakhstan, Almaty

For several years now, our family has been having a great vacation on the coast of Northern Cyprus. And in the summer of 2019, we finally decided to purchase an apartment here. Our friends advised us to contact the agent through the website b and it was the right decision. A week after the first video call with the agent, we picked up an apartment in one of the new buildings in Northern Cyprus. It was a reliable developer who has been successfully renting out high-quality objects for many years. A few days later we made a deal. I really liked the sincere attitude and participation of the developer's agent, who not only offered us all possible options, but were really interested in ensuring that the wishes of our family were as satisfied as possible. This concerned the infrastructure, location and choice of educational institutions for our children. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and I wish them further success in their work and expanding their customer base, because they really deserve it.

Alexander, Russia, Yekaterinburg

Our family quickly made decisions about buying an apartment in Northern Cyprus. Last year, my family and I visited the island of Cyprus for the first time, and at that moment our opinions coincided — an alluring desire to have a home by the sea, the opportunity to have a passive income in foreign currency and a sense of peace when you feel that it is in this climate that you want to stay for a long time. Since I had no experience in buying real estate abroad, I started looking for a reliable agent, people who could represent our interests and take on all legal concerns, while having a clean and reliable reputation. I looked through a lot of agencies operating in Northern Cyprus that offered real estate services and chose the website and after the first phone call with the agent, I realized that the choice was right. Agents they work directly with developers, and do not charge additional funds for their services. Money for real estate goes directly to the developer's cashier, and the agent provides reliability and a guarantee of the transaction. After we examined the best options, made a choice and issued the necessary package of documents for the property, we finally made sure that conscientious professionals in their field. I would like to thank all the staff for their friendly attitude and assistance at each stage of cooperation. At the moment, I am already a full-fledged owner of housing in Northern Cyprus and have already started a new life together with my family, in which we will have a period of adaptation for obtaining a residence permit, now I know exactly who to contact for all issues related to Northern Cyprus.

Victoria, Russia, Moscow

Hello everyone. I wanted to leave my feedback, because the guys really treated their work perfectly as promised. Firstly, during the whole time in Cyprus, my daughter and I felt safe. Secondly, we were met and settled in a great apartment where we lived for free for 10 days. By the way, Alexander informed us that the quarantine was reduced to seven days and we immediately decided to travel to Northern Cyprus. To our surprise, we were also paid quarantine, although they didn't tell us anything about it. We have purchased an apartment and will be happy to stay here until spring. We don't want to go to Russia yet, we will wait for the end of the pandemic.

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