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Frequently asked questions about life in Northern Cyprus

Useful information about education, tourism, and real estate

What documents and certificates are required for obtaining a residence permit?2020-12-04T12:39:26+03:00

Getting a residence permit in Northern Cyprus is easy enough. For the local state, foreign capital is of considerable value, so the attitude towards foreign citizens who buy property in Northern Cyprus is quite loyal. It can also be noted that all family members have the right to obtain a residence permit.

So, to get a residence permit in Northern Cyprus, you need a number of certain documents that are provided to the immigration Department at the police station. The document processing process takes about four weeks, after which you will receive the finished documents.

Usually, the first time a residence permit is issued for a period of six months, the subsequent one depends on the amount that You show on your account. If you extend your residence permit for 5 times, you have a chance to get permanent residence.

Due to the pandemic, the process of obtaining a residence permit has become very simple. Now it can be issued directly from home, through the state website. The site has a procedure for what documents need to be prepared.

Necessary condition

Documents confirming ownership of the property;
- availability of housing suitable for living and used for its intended purpose;
— in the case of ownership of a share of real estate, a short-term residence permit for one residential object can be issued only to one shareholder;
- make a payment in the amount of at least one-third for housing purchased under the contract;
- have money in the account in the local tank. $10,000 is enough for one year.

To obtain a residence permit, you need the following documents:

- a copy of your passport
- a copy of the tourist visa that is issued upon arrival in the TRNC
- a copy of the purchase and sale agreement certified by the local registration chamber
— if you have purchased a ready-made apartment, you need to apply for a permit to purchase real estate. When you submit, you will be assigned a file number. So far, this is enough for a residence permit.
- color photo for documents
- certificate of residence in the TRNC – a kind of analogue of our registration. Issued by the local Mukhtar-headman
- results of a blood test made in a state or accredited private clinic (the referral is issued to the police when applying for a residence permit)
- a certificate from any local Bank about the availability of funds in Your account (proof of solvency)
- receipt of payment of state duty
- for spouses, you will also need a marriage certificate, for pensioners-a pension certificate (both translated into Turkish)

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Work in Northern Cyprus… How are things going with employment in Northern Cyprus?2020-12-04T13:05:56+03:00

Is it possible to work without problems?

Everyone who wants to work can find a job here. According to official statistics, 70% of employees in the service sector are foreigners working on work visas. There are even more such workers in the construction industry.

The Cypriots themselves mainly work in the administrative sector, so there is no competition in the labor market for foreigners.

The Cypriots themselves mainly work in the administrative sector, so there is no competition in the labor market for foreigners.

As a rule, they pay more.

Is it possible to get a legal job in Northern Cyprus? What documents and what you will have to face to legalize your workplace ?

In order to legally get a job in the TRNC, you will need a work visa. It must be issued by the employer. He needs to put money on a Bank Deposit (700-1000 euros), which is used as insurance for the return ticket. After that, you can issue a job invitation. Sometimes the employer instructs the employee to get a work visa. It usually takes about two weeks to get a visa.

Relevant documents:

  1. Preliminary application for a work permit (Calışma on izni başvurusu);
  2. Certificate confirming the date and fact of entry to Northern Cyprus of the applicant with an invitation to work in the police (Aday giriş belgesi);
  3. Belgesi (certificate of insurance provident fund registration);
  4. Employment contract (Hizmet Akti'dir).

How to get a job with a Russian diploma in Northern Cyprus and what is necessary for this?

To apply for a job in Northern Cyprus with a Russian diploma, you will need to confirm your diploma at the Turkish Embassy and translate it into Turkish.

To work and live in Northern Cyprus, you do not need to get a local education and English will be enough for the first time, although knowledge of Turkish will undoubtedly be a big plus for finding a job.

Without knowledge of the language, You can find a side job in a local firm (gardener, Builder, plumber, electrician, etc.), or get a job in a Russian company for a better-paying job, if you can interest the employer in something.

With the start-up capital, you can buy or open a small ready-made business-a garden center, beauty salon, water delivery, car service, tire service, management company, Atelier, restaurant, hairdresser, shop, etc.

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What taxes are paid in Cyprus?2020-12-04T13:15:09+03:00

Businesses registered in the country as "Local companies" are subject to 25% income tax.

Businesses that are classified as foreign companies

Regardless of whether they are registered in the country or not, 25% of the income received from trade or from any other type of activity on the territory of the TRNC is also taxed.

Auxiliary grants for the establishment of an enterprise and subsequent annual ones are deducted before the company's income tax is calculated.

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Can a foreigner do business in Northern Cyprus?2020-12-04T13:19:03+03:00

Economic development policy of Northern Cyprus

The country's economic development policy is aimed at attracting foreign capital. The creation of a business by foreigners is deeply welcome. Private property in Northern Cyprus is inviolable, and there is no difference whether you are a foreigner or a local.

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Are the new properties furnished2020-12-04T13:26:47+03:00

Basically, the furniture includes a built-in kitchen and cabinets. The rest is paid extra. It is usually more profitable to buy from a developer, since they buy furniture and electronics at wholesale prices.

Additional design solutions

Also at the construction stage, you can order additional design solutions for your future apartment. You will be offered both standard solutions and custom solutions.

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What are the guarantees of timely and high-quality completion of construction?2020-12-04T13:35:48+03:00

All conditions are prescribed in the contract of sale of real estate. This is the guarantee. The government of Northern Cyprus takes the guarantee obligations of the developer very seriously.

Violation of the developer's obligations

In case of failure to meet deadlines and quality, the developer will have problems with the authorities, and you will be paid a penalty.

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How profitable is buying real estate in an object under construction?2020-12-04T13:37:21+03:00

Buying at the construction stage is very profitable for several reasons

  1. Primarily because of the price. This is much cheaper than in a finished object
  2. Secondly, You have more choice of the location of the apartment in the house (number of floors, view from the window)
  3. Third, you can order the finishing of the apartment according to your own design.

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How do I choose a reliable developer?2020-12-04T13:48:16+03:00

We only work with reliable developers with an excellent reputation

You need to collect as much information about the developer on the Internet: how many years on the market, its reputation. You can also trust us in this matter.

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How much are utility bills?2020-12-04T13:57:27+03:00

Basic utility payments

The monthly fee is approximately 40 pounds per month. For this money, you can use all the infrastructure located in your yard. These are swimming pools, gyms, baths, children's playgrounds. The rest depends on how much water and electricity you wind up on the meter.

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What taxes do I have to pay when I become the owner of an apartment or house in the UK?2020-12-04T14:02:37+03:00

Property tax — how much is it?

All owners of apartments and other properties in Northern Cyprus pay property tax, which is calculated at the rate of 1 Turkish Lira per 1 square meter of the area of the apartment or house. The tax is paid once a year. Other taxes, such as property purchase tax (6 % of the cost), VAT (5%) and stamp duty are paid once after the transaction is completed.

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